From our years as SHUFFLE Concert:


“To be in the room that evening, though, was to discover the tension and the drama of never knowing what’s next... As they played, they swayed... They moved as if the music were something they were riding atop, not creating.”

— Anand Giridharadas, The New York Times

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“I don’t think we have ever had a concert that was more fun or more beautifully played at Clemson...The experience of being able to hear Bach, Grieg, Bernstein, Duke Ellington, ‘When You’re Good to Mama’ from Chicago, Stevie Wonder’s ‘You and I,’ Ravel, Khachaturian, Turina, and Piazzolla all in one evening on one program was phenomenal, and everything was beautifully prepared and played."

— Lillian Utsey Harder, Director Brooks Center Clemson, SC, Presenter


Fuse CD Review: "SHUFFLE Concert--An Inspired Experiment in 'Musical Democracy'"

“Their playlist is unique, something few other groups would have considered putting together, but what is more important about this ‘musical democracy’ is that it has invented its own distinctive rules to performance, and that their inspired programming has been a hit.”

— Susan Miron, ArtsFuse Online Magazine

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"At a SHUFFLE Concert, you store away the penguin suits"

“What happens when an American-Israeli pianist with a doctorate from The Juilliard School leaves a concert bored? He understands that in order to bring young audience members into the concert halls one needs a major shift in perception and he invents the SHUFFLE Concert concept. At a SHUFFLE Concert, you store away the penguin suits and you adopt a term from hi-tech industries: to shuffle, which means to randomly select or choose. Only in this case the audience chooses and not a computer!”

— Ofer Ein Gal, Pnai Plus, Tel Aviv

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“If you’ve ever been to a concert and wished you could hear a particular song performed, then SHUFFLE Concert is just for you.”

— Sandra J. Pennecke, The Beacon, Virginia Beacon


"SHUFFLE Concert.  Over 40 dishes."

“Without a doubt, this is a brilliant idea. … This sort of active participation from the audience in shaping the concert leads to higher and deeper levels of alertness and listening as well as more complex enjoyment ... a brilliant idea…”

— Yon Feder, Tel Aviv, Ynet

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"The latest idea in blending musical genres that were previously isolated from each other has resulted in …well, concerts delivered in a shuffle, I -pod style."


— Ilona Oltusky, Get Classical Blog

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"SHUFFLE Concert took McCallum by storm"

"SHUFFLE Concert took McCallum by storm and engagingly played for the general public and two filled to capacity student houses. We loved their individual artistry, their musical arrangements, their generosity, and their “fun.” If you want to introduce chamber music to new audiences – or enthrall old ones - this is your group! Astute and charming."


— Kajsa Thuresson-Frary, The McCallum Theatre


"I couldn’t be more thrilled with having SHUFFLE here yesterday!"

"The highlight for me and for the orchestra was having your ensemble members participate with us on the Brahms and then add their comments. It added the obvious musical skill but more important the passion and mature sound that the students can imitate and strive to accomplish."


— James White, Music Coordinator Inspire School, Chico CA, Presenter


"The SHUFFLE ensemble walks on stage and there is CLASS!"

The SHUFFLE ensemble walks on stage and there is CLASS! They begin to play and there is incredible musicianship and showmanship. Their choice of music brought raves from our audience as they left the theatre!! The concept was a unique way of engaging the audience and they DID! Thank you for a glorious performance!


— Naomi Miller, Rosen PAC, presenter


"Thank you for a memorable experience!"

"It's wonderful to have so many students taking time to tell me how much they enjoyed yesterday's concert! Your musicality, your enthusiasm, the shuffle concept, your menu of works--all were so appreciated. I know both the middle and upper school students were enriched by your visit and made connections with different musical styles and eras in new, meaningful ways. Thank you for a memorable experience!"


— Patricia Baehr, Coordinator Music Dept., Portledge School, Presenter


"Concert held both children and adults in rapt attention"

"SHUFFLE's sophisticated performances, varied repertoire, interactive concept and easy rapport with the audience made for a very engaging event."


— Linda Chesis, Artistic Director, Cooperstown Music Festival, Presenter


"We felt like Carnegie Hall had arrived in our home"

Each and every one of our residents thoroughly enjoyed the performance and in fact because it was such a success, several of us bought tickets to another one of their concerts in another town a few days later and enjoyed that performance just as much.


— Lyn Bach, Cultural Director, Beit Protea, Herzlia, Presenter


"From Baroque to Broadway"

"Let them take you on a magical time-traveling musical tour!"


— Joanne Maurno, Buck Hill Skytop Music Festival, Presenter


"Having the audience select the music to be performed was great fun."

"Our audience was delighted with the program. A wonderful afternoon was had by all!"


— Milly Feinsilber, President, Rhinebeck Chamber Music Society, Presenter


"My Audience Rose To Its Feet"

"When I tell you that they were simply extraordinary, I am being honest and conservative."


— Lucille Taub, Chair, Cultural Arts Committee, Canal Walk, Presenter


“It was somewhat of a risk to invite SHUFFLE Concert to perform on Merkin’s Tuesday Matinee series, as most of our artists present in the traditional recital format and it was unclear how our audience would respond to SHUFFLE’s unique concept. However, the risk definitely paid off and I could not be happier with the concert’s outcome. It was an excellent performance, presented at the highest level and was extremely well received by our audience. At my request the ensemble performed a first programmed half and a second 'shuffled' half. Both were terrific and the audience was enthralled, as was I, with the high level of performance and artistry of the ensemble. The concert was recorded and presented on WWFM."

— Igal Kesselman, Director, Lucy Moses School and Merkin Hall, Presenter


"I heartily recommend them!"

“The music students and faculty of the Sunderman Conservatory at Gettysburg College were so enthusiastic about the residency and concert by SHUFFLE Concert that requests to bring them back to campus began before these talented musician-teachers had left campus. The members of SHUFFLE clearly relished working with students and were models for the type of entrepreneurial creativity we want to foster in aspiring 21st-century musicians. Our recital hall was filled for their innovative concert, which received an enthusiastic response. I heartily recommend them! Plans are already in the works to bring SHUFFLE Concert back to Gettysburg.”

— Kay Hoke, Director, Sunderman Conservatory of Music, Residency


"An exceptionally wonderful and unusual evening. Bravo!"

"The SHUFFLE Concert, presented in a distinguished and quite traditional chamber music venue here in New York, was a huge hit. The audience loved the whimsical and unexpected on-the-spot nature of the selection of repertoire. When combined with warm speaking about the music by members of the group and the first-rate performances that followed, this made for an exceptionally wonderful and unusual evening. Bravo!"

— Bärli Nugent, Director, Chamber Music, The Juilliard School, Presenter


"My students didn't want the concert to end"

“In the quest to bring ‘culture’ to college campuses, Activity Directors have looked for ensembles that will appeal to their students. Many of these groups have lots of flash and little talent. SHUFFLE Concert has plenty of flash AND loads of talent. Their unique music selection process involves everyone in the audience. Hearing everything from classical to Broadway, my students didn’t want the concert to end!”

— Betsy Buzzeli-Clarke, Chair, Music Department, East Stroudsb, Residency


"The response was universal: 'When can we have them back?!'"

“The SHUFFLE Concert residency exceeded my expectations in every possible way. Six composition students received world-class recordings of their music and direct professional advice on their work; performance students received hours of coaching from ensemble members; and the SHUFFLE Concert itself was an instant hit—the response was universal: ‘When can we have them back?!’”

— Avner Dorman, Assistant Professor, Composition and Music, Residency


"RCCA closed the day with a grand feeling of having 'hit a home run'"

“The goal of Redmond Community Concert Association (RCCA) is to present high-quality performances by such musicians as SHUFFLE Concert, while leaning toward enjoyable entertainment rather than education. SHUFFLE Concert excelled in meeting this goal. There was great anticipation, and some excited trepidation, that ‘my number may be called.’ As such the audiences were deeply involved in picking their choice, and happy with each composition they heard, ranging from the world of baroque, impressionism, classical, opera, pop, jazz, to Broadway (‘When You’re Good to Mama’ from Chicago—the audience loved this change up!) and more. All in all, RCCA closed the day with a grand feeling of having ‘hit a home run’ with our presentation of SHUFFLE Concert.”

— Jay Jantzen, Booking Director, Redmond Community Concerts, Presenter


“These accomplished musicians bring their professional performance experience combined with great talent to every piece. Our audience made many positive comments about the talent and quality of the performance. The program provides plentiful choices of enjoyable, recognizable and familiar tunes from several different time periods to delight a variety of audiences. The musicians of SHUFFLE Concert were adaptable and easy to work with. The process of working out the details of their performing here—from room and board, the sound technicians and venue—were all easily handled. They connected with our audience through wit and humor. By allowing your audience to choose from a wide variety of time periods and styles of music, each show is different from all others. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Patti Blagg, Mid-Columbia Community Concert Association, Presenter


"Entirely different experience"

“I’ve enjoyed recordings by the superb artists of SHUFFLE, but hearing—and seeing—them in live performance was an entirely different experience. Their personal warmth and high stage charisma give the music a special uplift, while their individual and collective ability to cross stylistic borders on a moment’s notice was an ongoing delight.”

— Robert Sherman, Author and Classical Music Radio Host, WQXR, Testimonial


“I had the pleasure of hearing SHUFFLE Concert perform recently and I was thoroughly enthralled by their performance. They are all very natural, communicative artists whose energy and joy in performing is highly infectious. It was actually a welcome change to hear a series of shorter works, featuring solo turns by their virtuoso performers, and I kept hoping that my number would be called so that I could determine the next program selection. I recommend them highly for audiences both knowledgeable and new to classical music.”

— Edna Landau, Arts and Career Development Consultant, Testimonial